Marangu Waterfall and Marangu Village

Category Day Trips
Duration 8-9 hours


Driving from Moshi, you pass beautiful plantations of bananas, yams, potatoes and coffee, en route to Kinumakori Waterfall. Kinumakori Waterfall in Marangu is not the highest, but is a beautiful walk that enables you to see the waterfall both from the bottom and the top. At the waterfalls, you can relax amongst tranquil nature and swim in the cool waters.

The waterfall is located near Marangu village, which is a typical village of the Chagga people, at 1800 m above sea level. 

At the village, we will visit the Chagga cultural centre. Also, we will visit caves where the Chagga people hid during the war. In the village, you will furthermore see the traditional Chagga houses and visit the family of a coffee farmer. Together with a guide, he will explain to you, stage by stage, on how to prepare coffee - from picking ripe coffee berries to the final cup of delicious hot coffee.

This trip includes the waterfalls, cultural centre, underground caves, coffee farmer, visit to the Chagga house, a lunch box, 1.5 litres drinking water, banana beer, transfer to and from the village and guide costs.


About the Chagga People:

The Chagga are Bantu-speaking indigenous Africans and the third largest ethnic group in Tanzania. They are also called Wachaga, Chagga, Jagga, Dschagga, Waschagga, or Wachagga. They traditionally live on the southern and eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, and near Moshi. Their livelihood is through taking advantage of the favorable climate of the area and successful agricultural methods, which include extensive irrigation systems, terracing, and continuous organic fertilization methods that have been practiced for thousands of years. They were one of the first tribes in the area to convert to Christianity. This may have given them an economic advantage over other ethnic groups, as they had better access to education and health care.