Mangroves SUP Tour

Category Zanzibar Fun
Duration days -1 nights


Discover one of the most beautiful, unknown and highly endangered environments of Zanzibar’s South-East coast, which is only accessible by Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding (SUP).

In the mangrove area you will find a wide variety of animals, such as specific fish and crabs. Your guide will show you the most beautiful areas and explain about the different types of mangrove trees. After the tour you can share your experiences with each other while enjoying free drinks and fruit. Take the perfect pictures from our roof-top terrace overlooking the mangrove forest and lagoon.

By exploring Zanzibar on a SUP you will have a full body workout, probably without even noticing it! Depending on the tides, you can also enjoy this tour during sunset for an unforgettable experience!

The Surf Zanzibar Mangrove SUP tour is for everybody! Explore the island with your partner, family, and friends or on your own and meet new people. Whether you are in for an active workout or you want to find out more about the mangroves.

If you are new to Stand-Up Paddling then don’t worry. The tour is perfect to get introduced to this new popular board sport. You can do it standing or sitting down. The guide will teach you the basics and help you according to your level and correct you if needed.

The mangrove SUP tour is an everyday tour. It takes place once a day depending on the tides. The whole tour takes about three hours.

Transport :
Transport is included from your accommodation in Jambiani or Paje. We pick you up and drop you there afterwards.

Take with you:
• Swimwear; towel and waterproof camera for some great action shots
• put on sunscreen (at least 30 min. before the tour)
• optional: water shoes
• fruit and drinks are included